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Independent Grocers of Australia (IGA) supermarkets are independently owned, most family owned businesses, with over 1400 stores around the country. IGA is a well-loved and trusted brand that is synonymous with being at the heart of the community, offering customers competitive prices and personalised service along with great array of fresh food for entertaining with family and friends during our Aussie summer BBQ season.













Each retailer has the unique ability as the owner and operator to tailor the products in store to their local community and what they love. IGA retailers are famous for their community involvement and supporting numerous local schools, sporting and charity organisations.

Approached to be a partner of The BBQ Movie in its early development stage, IGA was involved in each stage of the production of the movie. Working with the film’s producers on the marketing campaign to support the cinema release, and the IGA brand comes to life within the movie, IGA is proud to be associated with a wholeheartedly independent Australian family film.


Barbeques Galore has been supplying Australians with high-quality barbeques and expert advice since 1977. With more than 90 stores throughout the country today, Barbeques Galore not only leads the market in Barbeque retailing, but also specialises in outdoor furniture and heating, providing everything a family needs to Step outside and Live. 


As a major supporter of the Low & Slow BBQ community and individual teams that regularly participate in competitive BBQ, Barbeques Galore came on board during early development of The BBQ and were involved in consultation with the producers from pre-production through to the upcoming DVD release. A film that was ideal for authentic integrated product placement,

The BBQ is also the perfect summer viewing feast for combining forces in a targeted marketing campaign.
“We’re thrilled to support the production of an Australian movie with an outstanding cast. No summer is complete without the iconic barbeque, it’s what brings friends and families together
The BBQ celebrates that tradition.”


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