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A sizzling new cookbook inspired by the hot new movie The BBQ delivers the inside edge on the latest in grilling trends and techniques, including American-style ‘low and slow’ barbecuing.


Just like Dazza, the movie’s hero (played by Shane Jacobson), with this handy tome we can all be cooking up unique and tasty recipes for every occasion, whether it’s a relaxed afternoon get-together, an evening dinner party or the complete festive-season extravaganza.

The book features more than 80 recipes especially created for Aussie barbecue conditions, as well as stunning food photography, movie stills and behind-the-scenes photos from the film shoot. Much more than a movie tie-in, The BBQ Cookbook will give you the lowdown on:

• How much gear you really need (not much)
• How to master the ‘low and slow’ barbecue style
• Adding smoky flavours with wood
• Cooking to temperature, not time
• How resting makes a good cut great
• Deliciously easy vegies and salads

Available at all good book stores or Buy It Now direct from The BBQ Store


Preview five of the best recipes from the BBQ Cookbook below:

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